Episode #55- What Would Weezy Do? ft. Weezy of WHOREible Decisions & For Facts Sake!

Weezy Whoreible Decisions, Unrated Unruly Podcast, #sexpodcast, for facts sake podcast

THREESOMES, CYBER CHEATING, SITUATIONSHIPS, AND SAYING “I LOVE YOU”. This week, Virginia (@LovelyVirginia) & Taylor (@Tayfeli) cover all these topics and more with their guest Weezy (@Weezywtf) from WHOREible Decisions and For Fact’s Sake! Pod. After a quick update about the men coming out of the woodwork (oh, they finally figured out where that phrase comes from!) all quarantine, the girls find out “What Would Weezy Do” when it comes to sexy IG pictures, following your best friend’s ex, running into someone you’ve hooked up with and don’t remember, & much more. *Apologies for the audio on our end!!! No idea why it sounds like it was recorded on a microwave but it has been fixed since!

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