Meet Taylor Felice

TayFeli, podcaster, sex podcast, unrated unruly podcast

Taylor Felice is a Staten Island native with a potty mouth and a large Italian-American “Goodfellas”-adjacent family. Growing up around the politically incorrect, it’s almost a requirement to develop a sense of humor — which she did. After being uprooted and relocated to Pennsylvania, New York’s nightmare fuel, she used that humor and her newfound addiction to romance to navigate her through her awkward teenage years in a new place. When Taylor discovered podcasting three years ago it seemed to only make sense to become a part of one. What better vehicle for comedy and story-telling than an hour long show about sex, dating, and friendship? Now every Tuesday her embarrassing stories, questions, and thoughts are broadcasted to the internet through “Unrated Unruly”.  There’s no topic she won’t touch on and no detail she won’t share, as long as it makes people laugh and relate.

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