Episode #38- Guy Code & Getting Saved From Bad Sex ft. Fric & Frac Podcast

This week after a quick catch-up and an update on if Virginia has broken her sex hiatus (spoiler alert: she hasn’t), Taylor (@taybionda) & Virginia (@lovelyvirginia) are joined by the Fric & Frac Podcast (@fricandfracnyc). They go over “Guy Code” and some of the unspoken rules they’re expected to follow. They discuss having to take one for the team, staying away from exes, some of their worst and funniest sexual encounters, having to be bailed out of bad situations, when it’s okay to talk to someone your friend has slept with, zodiac sign beef & A LOT MORE. During UNANSWERED Virginia has a question herself and wants some answers about why men pursue girls that are all in the same friend group.

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