Episode #60- A Whole Lotta Unrated or Unruly

@lovelyvirginia @tayfeli unrated unruly podcast

Getting extra unrated AND unruly this week. Virginia (@LovelyVirginia) catches us up on some of the cute dates she’s been on with The Boo while Taylor (@Tayfeli) updates on the handful of dick she got (finally) and how Ben & Jerry’s ruined her brazilian wax plans. They then get into a fun, sexual, and very invasive full episode of playing Unrated Or Unruly. Overrated positions, making a woman miss you, getting over an ex that has moved on, cutting people off, and Taylor has a quick but important message for those of the male gender that use Instagram. Send in your OWN Unrated Or Unruly questions to unratedunruly@gmail.com to be apart of the game in a future episode! AND DON’T FORGET! Use our code “Unrated” for 10% off of your order at letsphix.com and then tell us what toy you got!

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