Episode #49- Ego & Fat P*ssy Problems ft. “Dramaqueen”

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ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Virginia (@LovelyVirginia) & Taylor (@Taybionda) update on their lives in quarantine before Taylor is left to interview one of her partners. With the help of “Dramaqueen” the two get into what they’ve learned from breaking up, being self-conscious, if men or women are the ones that let their egos get in the way, fat pussy and dick stretching, & MUCH MORE. If you enjoy please consider leaving us a 5 star review! <3

If you’d like to send in a letter to be read anonymously during our UNANSWERED segment, send them in to UnratedUnruly@gmail.com OR DM them to us @UnratedUnruly on Instagram.



Virginia: @LovelyVirginia

Taylor: @TayFeli

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