Episode #57- Being “Cool Girl” & Having a “Cool Ex”

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IT’S JUST THE GIRLS THIS WEEK! Mimosa drunk and talking their shit. This week, Virginia (@LovelyVirginia) & Taylor (@Tayfeli) discuss if there’s a time and place for cool girl, their new favorite sex toys (in detail), fuckable superheroes, romantic dates, having your head forced down, fake feminists, why you shouldn’t tell your new boo what your ex did to you, and the most dangerous “cool” person of all… THE COOL EX. Enjoy! Go to UNRATEDUNRULY.COM to enter to win your own Puckerish toy and be sure to give @LetsPhix a follow to keep up with all the new and exciting sex toys they’re getting! The giveaway will be for the next two weeks and we promise… you want this toy. 😉

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